As revealed in our previous blogposts, we are excited to now offer our customers 100% Certified Organic Whole Grain Einkorn Flour and 100% Organic Super Sprout™ Sprouted Einkorn Flour Let’s talk more about what’s actually in einkorn and some interesting new research about sprouted products that tells us what we can likely expect from Super Sprout™ Einkorn Flour.

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SuperSproutEinkornBreadThis week on the blog, we have a guest post by our Senior Lab Technician (and new baker!) about her experience baking for the first time with a recipe using baker’s percentages. Do you have questions about how baker’s formulas work? Look no further!




SuperSproutEinkornBouleLMCupThe Big Reveal: Whole Grain Einkorn & Super Sprout™ Einkorn Flour

Lindley Mills is excited to introduce our newest products, Whole Grain Einkorn and Super Sprout™ Sprouted Einkorn Flour. Both of these products are made out of 100% Certified Organic, whole grain einkorn and make incredible golden bread and cookies. Read more to learn about this ancient, heritage grain!







We were so excited to get to visit a few of our customers in Western North Carolina during the first part of 2019! We wanted to share a few shots of what we enjoyed and let you know where you can go to eat some great bread if you are headed that way! We will be back in Asheville soon for the Bread Fest, but are always happy to hear from our customers and their customers, so if you've enjoyed visiting one of these awesome places, let us know!



SuperSprout1With all the current buzz about sourdough and starters, we wanted to share some new information with you about how to use Super Sprout™ in your starters and sourdough baking at home! Since we are working with such a new, bioavailable product there is sure to be a learning curve and this is sure to be the first of many posts, but we encourage you to follow along with us on this journey and learn with us about using Super Sprout™ Sprouted flours in your sourdough baking!

RichardMiscovich SuperSproutSpeltandWheatIn the first part of 2019 we were excited to send some of our Super Sprout™ Sprouted Flours to Paris France to be baked in a class taught by our friend and Master Baker, Richard Miscovich. We are always glad to support baker education, but it's extra fun to watch Richard bake and see him take Super Sprout™ to an international stage. (Keep an eye out in our newsletter for info on where he is baking next!)






WeaverPretzelsWe are lucky to have so many local bakers using our flour and we take the opportunity to taste what they make as often as we can.