With individuals stuck at home across the country and grocery store shelves completely devoid of flour due to the pandemic, we at the Mill had the opportunity to meet a need for households and bakers across the country. Not only did we take great pride in meeting this need, we also had to opportunity to “meet” many incredible individuals through the web. Individuals who had never even heard of Lindley Mills, stumbled upon us in their search for quality, organic flour. Once such individual shared his elation upon finding our 100% Organic All Purpose and Bread Flours.

“I have been baking for about 52 years now. […] Down through the years, the world has changed in many ways, but as a bread baker, I have noticed that the recipes I used when I started baking have not been working like before. The difference is that the moisture content of the flour purchased from almost every source has decreased significantly. […] I am retired and only bake at home now, so I buy most of my flour at the grocery. So along comes COVID-19, people have panicked, and the grocery store shelves are devoid of flour. I hesitated for a while before ordering from you, but with no relief in sight, I ordered enough to make the shipping worthwhile. […] My order arrived a couple of days ago. I opened the bags and began parceling flour out into gallon sized food storage bags for refrigeration. What can I say? Your flour was like silk! This evening, I made a four loaf batch of white bread, and I had to add extra flour because of the high humidity, just like “the old days!” Also, the gluten content of the bread flour is strong enough for almost any style of bread. The all-purpose I bought from you seems to have exceptional quality as well.”