Beige Give Thanks

2021 has certainly been an interesting year! We haven't been able to share as many emails, blogs, and social media posts as we'd have liked, but we want you to know that we are always here and are always working hard to bring more 100% Certified Organic Flour to your door. We want to thank each of you for joining us on this journey to get more flour into more bakers' hands across the USA. We've so enjoyed hearing from many of you about what you are baking and have been inspired by all the kindness we've seen bakers showing their neighbors and communities.

We are also especially thankful this year for the farmers who've worked hard to bring the best possible 100% Certified Organic Grain in from their fields. Without their diligence and efforts, none of us would have what we need to make good flour and later, good bread. The dedicated truck drivers who've made countless trips between the farms and the Mill also deserve our appreciation and gratitude. These farmer and driver teams load on frigid mornings in all weather and often drive through late nights to ensure that the mill can keep on grinding.

Our long time employees (and a few great new additions!) have also gone above and beyond to keep things going despite packaging supply chain challenges. Their commitment to making quality products and focus on efficiency and "getting it right" has made every shipment possible. You may not always see them (unless you pick up in person!), but we hope you know that there is an incredible team working to mill your fresh flour every day and make sure it gets to you.

We are also truly thankful for our outstanding bakers. Throughout the pandemic challenges, they've made adjustments to nearly every part of their operations to make sure that they can still bring great breads, pastries, and more to their communities. Every farmers market, general store or Co-op, Cottage Bakery, and individual brick and mortar store has made a contribution to the people who purchase their breads by providing a healthier, organic product that supports more sustainable agriculture.

Thank you for baking with us and for supporting a small business with ties to many other small businesses throughout the supply chain!