As part of our ongoing commitment to support local farmers and artisan bakers in our area, we have been working with several North Carolina organic farmers to grow hard red winter wheat varieties bred to adapt to North Carolina's climate. The 100% organic hard red winter wheat variety has produced the yields that farmers look for as well as the protein quality that professional bakers desire. We are proud to be able to offer North Carolina Bread Flour made out of 100% NC Wheat. 

Traditionally, in North Carolina soft wheat has been the wheat crop of choice for it's higher yield. It grows better in this warmer and more humid climate and explains the tendency of our grandmothers to whip up a batch of biscuits before a crusty artisan loaf. Today soft wheat still grows more easily in North Carolina and we incorporate it into our mill at every opportunity. Just like our ancestors would have ground the grain of their neighbors, we use as much local grain as possible in all of our products. 

If you are a North Carolina farmer interested in selling your 100% Certified Organic soft or hard North Carolina wheat we'd love to hear from you at 336-376-6190. We are always looking to grow our local community of farmers and grind more NC grain.

To order locally grown and milled North Carolina Bread Flour in 25 pound bags please contact us at 336-376-6190.