Our 100% Certified Organic 5-pound bags are awesome for baking biscuits, scones, cookies, pancakes, and bread and can also be used in sourdough starters. Get a step above even the best grocery store standards with our 100% Certified Organic flours made for your kitchen. 

Your Next Baking Project

If you have a baking project you’ve been wanting to try, or just want to feed your sourdough starter and consequently your family a great diet of organic flour, these bags are the perfect size to keep a fresh stock in your pantry. Every bag purchased helps grow a regional grain economy that has always supported local organic farmers and bakers and makes future organic flour possible for everyone.

Order a bag to get started today! These bags can be ordered with any other product and ship separately with 2 day FedEx Express Shipping, usually within 1 business day.

FREE SHIPPING on all 5# bags.

Order in even multiples for the best deal. When your order ships, you’ll get a shipping notification and tracking number so you can see it all the way to your door.

A 5# bag of flour can easily make several loaves of bread and countless batches of cookies, scones, biscuits, and pizzas as well as keep your starter fed for weeks.

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