What is Super Sprout™?

Super Sprout Peter Reinhart Testimonial

Super Sprout™ is a unique optimally-sprouted whole grain wheat flour for baking. Super Sprout™ consists exclusively and entirely of the intact source whole grain wheat, and is derived solely from clean, sound, post-harvest wheat and potable water. We sprout and mill the wheat into a silky-fine, shelf-stable sprouted whole grain wheat flour with enhanced nutrition, and a well-rounded clean wheat taste. Super Sprout™ differs from refined white and whole wheat flours through its deeper, smoother flavor, higher water absorption, tender longer-lasting softness, and enhanced nutrition.

Super Sprout™ Ingredients

100% Organic Whole Wheat  and Water 

Benefits of Super Sprout™ 

Sprouting greatly enhances the nutrition and digestibility of wheat. The body handles sprouted wheat similarly to the way it would intake and digest a vegetable. Our unique, proprietary process for sprouting Super Sprout™ jump-starts digestion and provides a far superior nutritional value for your body compared to other flours, making it a preferred option for health-conscious home and artisan bakers, including individuals with non-celiac gluten sensitivity, diabetes, and gastrointestinal issues. 

Revolutionary Super Sprout™

"Wheat provides one fifth of the world’s food calories. From the beginning, when man learned he could store wheat at harvest and have a reliable source of food year-round, that’s what he has done. Through the development of refined white flour to the current push for whole grains and bio-engineered wheat, all flour is from the dormant “stored” wheat seed. Super Sprout™ sprouted whole grain wheat flour is revolutionary because it is the “live” viable wheat seed, stabilized and milled into a bakeable, flavorful, nutritionally enhanced whole grain. In my opinion, one of the next branches in the evolution of wheat as a food source is to utilize the more complete nutritional potential of wheat by letting it fulfill its true destiny and sprout."

—Joe Lindley, President of Lindley Mills, Inc.