Lindley Mills Flour is milled in North Carolina, Certified Organic, and Non-GMO

We take pride in providing 100% organic, non-GMO flour to our customers just like our founder, Thomas Lindley did in 1755.  We believe that organics are safer, healthier, and more sustainable. We are transparent about our products, labeling, and business practices because our customers want to know—and deserve to know—where their food comes from, and what's in their food. We believe that every consumer has the right to make an informed choice based on that knowledge.  

Certified Organic

At Lindley Mills, our organic flour packaging bears the 100% Certified Organic seal as a symbol of transparency. As a Certified Organic facility, we undergo a yearly inspection through Oregon Tilth.  Learn more about our organics here

Third-Party Certified

We are also third-party certified through the British Retail Consortium, an independent organization, for standards of safety, quality, and performance.  This certification is one of the most stringent tests, and assures our products are of the highest possible quality. 


We know GMOs are a hot topic, so let us make it easy for you:

1. All Lindley Mills flours are non-GMO; GMO wheat is not approved for commercial production or sale in the United States and North America.

2. The definition of organic excludes GMOs, therefore any certified organic products cannot also be GMO.

2. Our organic wheat is sourced from American farmers. Our organic products are carefully sourced and certified so that our customers can rest assured they aren't eating GMOs when they use Lindley Mills flour.