Why Sprouted Wheat?

We use a proprietary process to sprout our organic whole grain wheat and make Super Sprout™ Sprouted Whole Grain Wheat Flour. This process greatly enhances the wheat's nutrition and digestibility, allowing the body to digest it more like a vegetable than a grain. Eating Super Sprout™sprouted whole grain wheat flour will "jump-start" your digestive process and provide far superior nutritional value for your body compared to other flours.

You can substitute Super Sprout™ Sprouted Whole Grain Wheat Flour for white or whole wheat flour in any recipe to bake healthier, sprouted whole wheat treats! 

Health Benefits of Sprouted Grains

Super Sprout Nutrition

Scientific studies have shown that the sprouting of grains causes an increase in enzyme activity, an increase in total proteins, changes in amino acid composition, measurable increases in soluble fiber, a decrease in starch, and slightly higher amounts of some minerals and vitamins including Beta Carotene, Folic Acid, Iron, Omega 6 fatty acids, Omega 3 fatty acids, B and D Vitamins, Niacin, Calcium, and Vitamin E.

Whole-Grain-KernelIn all parts of the world, and especially in developing countries, plant-based foods are the main dietary staple.  However, these plant-based diets often have deficits of certain micronutrients like Calcium, Iron, and Zinc.  

These micronutrients and others are present in the bran layers and germ of wheat, but are sequestered and not bioavailable due to the high Phytic Acid content of wheat.

Humans lack the enzyme phytase in their digestive tract, and are unable to reduce the phytic acid and capture these micronutrients, diminishing the nutritional value of grain-based foods.

Our proprietary process enhances the wheat and gives Super Sprout™ lower amounts of phytic acid than other flours, allowing the body access to all of the nutrients that the wheat has to offer.

Nutrition Awakened

Super Sprout™ Sprouted Whole Grain Wheat Flour is the "awakened" (sprouted) wheat seed that has been milled into a high quality baking flour.

Instead of just eating flour from the dormant wheat, Super Sprout™ takes advantage of the live sprouted wheat grain. It jump-starts the seed's germination process and results in reduced Phytic Acid, as well as the release of a wealth of beneficial, bioavailable micronutrients.

Finely Ground for Enhanced Nutrition

Super Sprout™'s superfine particle size is important for several reasons. Wheat bran, for instance, when finely ground shows increasing water-holding capacity and soluble dietary fiber, improving its nutritional potential. Smaller particles greatly increase surface area absorption and help the flour take up more water and increase baking yields. The superfine particle size helps with digestibility and can create a smooth dough with strong gluten bonds even when hydrated at 80% or more. 

Super Sprout™ absorbs 20%-30% more water than other whole wheat flours. 

water absorption

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