We are proud to supply professional bakers, distributors, restaurants and bakeries with our many 100% organic products.  
All of our products are non-GMO and certified organic by Oregon Tilth and certified Kosher by OK Labs.

Please contact us at (336) 376-6190 for more information.

White Flours

High Gluten
All Purpose
High Extraction
North Carolina Bread Flour (local)

Whole Wheat Flours

Whole Wheat Bread
White Whole Wheat
Whole Wheat Pastry

Rye Products

Whole Rye
Light Rye
Dark Rye
Rye Chops
Rye Meal

Spelt Products

Whole Spelt
White Spelt

Yellow Corn Products

Yellow Corn Meal
Yellow Corn Grits

Super Sprout™ Sprouted Whole Grain Flours

Ancient Grains

Super Sprout™ is a trademark of Lindley Mills, Inc.  Super Sprout™ is a unique, proprietary process for sprouting and miling whole grains resulting in superior shelf-stable flours.

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