A North Carolina Flour Mill Since 1755

"There was a Lindley's Mill before there was a United States of America." —Joe Lindley, President, Lindley Mills, Inc.

Lindleys Mill Illustration

Our mill was established in 1755 by Thomas Lindley at its present location on Cane Creek in Graham, North Carolina. The mill was the site of the Revolutionary War Battle of Lindley’s Mill. The Governor of North Carolina, his cabinet, and approximately 1,000 men were involved. Earlier, British General Lord Cornwallis visited the mill to “purchase” flour for his army.

The Lindley family owned the mill for approximately 100 years before it passed out of family hands. Two hundred and twenty years after its inception, direct descendants of Thomas Lindley began efforts to restore the mill and produce local flour again. For over 40 years, Lindley Mills has been milling organically grown grain and is operated by ninth and tenth-generation Lindleys today.

Lindley Mills' mission and passion is to provide the best organic flour to our customers just as our ancestors would have done more than two centuries ago. Our milling approach is a blend of tradition, technology, and cutting-edge innovation. This is what sets Lindley Mills' organic flours apart from the rest, and what continues to fuel our passion for producing some of the highest-quality organic flours in the United States.

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