Instead of the typical academic presentations, this year the format was 3 different hands-on baking seminars.

Good Bread is Good For You-Richard Miscovich, Tom Gumpel, and Dennis Barker

IMG 4339

This baking class centered around sprouting grains and how to bake with sprouted flour. Over the 2 days, we did 2 different rounds of "test bakes." The first one was a comparison between our whole rye and our Super Sprout™ Sprouted Rye flour. Both were hydrated at 67% and although the sprouted flour could have probably used a higher percentage of water, both turned out great. This tells us that we can put our Super Sprout™ Rye in almost any whole rye recipe without adjusting, but that adjusting the water percentage just allows the flour to fully hydrate and achieve its full potential.

IMG 4279The second bake was a comparison across 4 different types of sprouted flours, each paired with our Super Sprout™ Sprouted Wheat flour. We also used Super Sprout™ Spelt, Rye, Einkorn, and Blue Emmer (available now in 20# bags at the Mill.) Using the same base formula and reacting to different proofing times was a great comparison and showed us that we don't need to be experts or have a long list of formulas to bake with sprouted flours or to get great bread from them!

New Frontiers in Sourdough Microbiology-Melina Kelson, Sarah Owens, Guylaine Lacaze

This class compared different types of starters and starter care and allowed attendees to compare them across bakes. With Lindley Mills' Malted X as the base flour, the starters were able to shine so that everyone could see and taste their differences. They made a bunch of great loaves and talked everything from feeding and care to microbiology with Dr. Erin McKenney.MaltedXBread

Local, Ancient, and Heriloom Grains-Harry Peemoeller, Martin Philip, and Glenn Roberts

JoeHarryMartinWorking with ancient and heirloom grains is such a hot topic. We always love to see what Glenn has resurrected to tease our tastebuds and Harry Peemoeller and Martin Philip (on Joe's right in the picture) are incredible bakers. We really enjoyed hearing about what they are working on and seeing them incorporate these grains in new ways. During the first day of the conference they used a bit of our Super Sprout™ Rye flour in a couple of loaves. Then, on the second day they ground them up and re-baked them into a new loaf. This gave the final loaf a darker tint and a deeper taste. There is truly no limit to their innovation! 

Overall we had an awesome time and really enjoyed seeing our flour working in all three workshops! We answered a ton of questions about sprouted flour, milling, and the benefits of sprouted flours for bakers and consumers. We are already looking forward to next year! To get your hands on the flour used in these workshops, check out our shop!