We had a great time visiting with our friends from Mediterranean Deli in Chapel Hill! We've been working with them to provide the 100% Certified Organic Flour for their pitas for decades and had a great spread for all of our employees. Mediterranean Deli recently came by to interview Joe and Caroline for a documentary that's in the works!


We had an incredible time at the International Bread Symposium-On the Rise 3 at Johnson and Wales in Charlotte. There were 3 great concurrent classes going on the whole time, not to mention a keynote presentation by Dr. Erin Mckenney to update us on her Citizen Science project. We got to spend some time with our hands in dough made with Lindley Mills flour, which is always a treat! Read more to hear what we learned at the Symposium this year.

AABF 2019 Grain Innovators Panel

The Grain Innovatos panel at the Asheville Bread Fest this year was a great forum for discussing our regional grain economy. Our own Caroline Lindley contributed to the group, which was moderated by Amy Halloran and included Dr. Erin Mckenney of NC State, Sharon Burns-Leader of Bread Alone, Stephanie Swane of Modernist Bread, Amy Poirer-a small grains wheat farmer in NC, and Jennifer Lapidus of Carolina Ground. They discussed the growth of our regional grain economy and the connection between farmer, miller, baker and we would add consumer. Read more to hear about this awesome discussion.

We had a great time at the Asheville Artisan Bread Festival this year! We got to catch up with so many great bakers and meet new baking enthusiasts as well. We tasted awesome sourdough breads from every vendor, had pretzels made with our flour, and ate some awesome pizza made by Peter Reinhart. Our own Caroline Lindley was also a part of a panel of grain innovators. Read more to hear about Super Sprout™ Einkorn waffles, the master class, and what we found at the Asheville Bread Fest!