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In February we were so excited to have a visit at the Mill from one of our favorite bakers, Sarah Owens of BK17 Bakery in Rockaway Beach, NY on her way back home from completing some of her travelling baking classes. Keep an eye on her instagram (@sarah_c_owens) and website to see if she will be teaching in your area soon! Sarah is the author of Sourdough and more recently, Toast and Jam, both great books with easy to read recipes for home baking and jam making. We tried out both her sourdough rye crackers and miche recipes from Toast and Jam and they were big hits! 



We were so excited to dig in to some new sourdough recipes for spring and Toast and Jam really delivered. We worked on our own starter, following the easy instructions in the book and decied to make the rye cracker recipe while prepping for the miche baking the next day. The crackers had great taste and came together quickly with Lindley Mills 100% Organic Whole Rye Flour (available in bulk 25# bags at the Mill.) Within just a few minutes we had a plate full of great homemade rye crackers that were perfect for entertaining. We whipped together some quick spreads with local ingredients and were ready for a party! 


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The next day, the Miche came together quickly and was our first bread bake in the new Lodge Cast Iron dutch oven. It produced a gorgeous loaf that was perfect for butter and jam, sandwiches, and just general eating! Soft on the inside and full of flavor, we couldn't have asked for a better boule. Our new favorite miche is made with Lindley Mills 100% Organic Hi Extraction, Whole Rye, and Unbleached Bread Flour. This is the kind of bread baking that ignites a fire to continue experimenting and trying different flours and to bake all of the time!



We always enjoy meeting with our bakers in person, hearing their feedback, and showing them a little of what we do to make their consistent, high quality, certified organic flours. Sarah picked up her flour order and got a few samples of some new flours we are working on before heading back to New York. We are so proud to be a part of her baking and can't wait to see her next book! If you aren't in New York, don't worry-she does subscription cookie boxes! Order yours now and we promise you won't be disappointed! You might even catch a Super Sprout™ Spelt cookie or two!

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Thanks to Sarah for stopping by to visit the Mill and for baking such excellent bread (and cookies!) with Lindley Mills certified organic flours.

You can read more about Sarah, her books, and her bakery here.