Want to know more about Sprouted flours? They aren't all created equal but Super Sprout™ has some unique advantages over regualr whole wheat flour. Find out exactly why Super Sprout™ Sprouted Whole Grain Wheat Flour is the better option. Super Sprout™ has increased nutrition and bioavialability, improved taste, easier digestibility, a different, smooth texture and increased capacity for water absorption.

1) Nutrition

Super Sprout™ is created using a proprietary process that enhances the nutrition in the flour. The increased enzyme activity influences the rise in total proteins, enhances the amino acids and improves the soluble fiber along with upping the vitamins and minerals. Super Sprout™ allows you to take advantage of the live wheat seed and digest more nutrients than other whole wheat flours because of reduced phytic acid.

Most whole wheat flours naturally contain phytic acid, which prevent humans from fully digesting all of the available nutrients. Super Sprout™ has reduced amounts of phytic acid which make the increased nutrients even more available to you. Read more on our Super Sprout™ Nutrition page.



2) Taste

Super Sprout™’s sweet taste has none of the bitterness that are often part of the bite with other whole wheat flours. The altered sugars in Super Sprout™ make it unnecessary to add as much (if any) sugar to your recipes and will create a beautiful caramelized color on the top of your loaf. In fact, when baking with Super Sprout™ we usually let our breads bake a little longer than usual since they look brown more quickly. Don’t just take our word for it-check out our reviews by clicking on the stars on our Super Sprout™ product page.


3) Digestibility

The proprietary process that we use to make Super Sprout™ allows your body to digest it more like a vegetable than a grain. So it is easier on your body than whole wheat flour would be. The proteins are altered slightly and while it certainly includes gluten (as all wheat products do) many individuals with gluten sensitivity find that they can eat Super Sprout™ products with no ill effects. Since it does contain gluten, we don’t suggest that Celiacs eat Super Sprout™, but many others who are gluten sensitive have had great success, and been able to go back to eating the foods they love! This is simply not possible with other wheat flours and is a unique benefit to Super Sprout™.

Check out what our gluten sensitive customers have to say here.

4) Texture and Versatility

As a dry flour, Super Sprout™ is very finely ground. This helps with water absorption, which we will discuss below, but also allows for easy digestibility. Super Sprout™ doughs are smooth and creamy when given enough water, but can create strong gluten networks over time. This makes it ideal for making almost any baked good, from pizza to sandwich bread and pastries. The options are endless with Super Sprout™ whereas whole wheat flour often makes pastries and more delicate treats difficult.

Check out some of our favorite recipes.


5) Water Absorption

The fine grind of Super Sprout™ does allow it to absorb more water since there is more surface area available to soak it in. We also believe that the sprouting process helps it take in more water than other whole wheat flours, giving the baker higher yields. When baking with Super Sprout™ it is beneficial to add >80% hydration to get the best results. Give your dough more liquid in the early stages of your recipe and watch the flour soak it in and create a soft, supple, dough. Here is a visual that helps us understand how much more water Super Sprout™ can absorb than other whole wheat flours.


For more information on Super Sprout™ Sprouted Whole Grain Wheat Flour and how it is different from other whole wheat flours, check out our Super Sprout™ Difference page and the Super Sprout™ Nutrition page.