MedDeliPitaWe had a great time visiting with our friends from Mediterranean Deli in Chapel Hill! We've been working with them to provide the 100% Certified Organic Flour for their pitas for decades and had a great spread for all of our employees. Mediterranean Deli recently came by to interview Joe and Caroline for a documentary that's in the works!

High quality ingredients have always been a part of "the Mediterranean Deli way" and we've been with them since the very beginning. Our 100% Certified Organic Bread Flour and 100% Certified Organic Whole Wheat Bread Flours are used in the thousands of pitas they make each week which can be found in their restaurants. They are also available at many local wholesale locations including grocery stores in the Chapel Hill and Durham areas. Each pita is made in house with the care so that they represent the best possible product. Since this naturally aligns with how we do things, it's a great partnership.

Joe and Caroline were interviewed for an upcoming documentary on Mediterranean Deli and got to share some flour knowledge and expertise with the team who catered our tasting. With so many great spreads, wraps, and pitas it was a lot of fun and might be the best team tasting we've had to date!

There are two locations to have a taste of these great pitas yourself. The flagship restaurant is on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill and they've recently opened another new location near Elon University. Anyone at Lindley Mills is only a few minutes from grabbing a warm plate of incredible gyros, sides, and pita anyitme. We are lucky to have such wonderful customers who care about the quality of their flours and are excited to see where they grow next!

Thanks to the team at Mediterranean Deli for bringing us such a feast. Everyone on our team enjoyed trying something new from one of our long time customers.