Who doesn't need something easy to throw together on Christmas morning? Whether you are up extra early to see what Santa brought, or sleeping in for a leisurely brunch and time with family, here are 3 ideas to top off your morning. Over the next 2 weeks, stay tuned to our blog for other great breakfast ideas.

1. Super Sprout™ Pancakes

IMG 3773

Very few things are as satisfying as sitting down to a hot stack of pancakes, fresh off the griddle. When making your pancakes with Super Sprout™ you will get the benefit of enhanced nutrition and easier digestion that won't sit heavy on your stomach. These 100% Organic, whole wheat, whole grain pancakes have unbelievable taste and are naturally sweeter than regular pancakes. Get the full recipe here.

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2. Marvelous Oat Bran Muffins

Finished Muffins

These versatile muffins can be customized to suit any picky eaters in your family and will be sure to bring everyone to the table. From mixing bowl to mouth in under 30 minutes you can't beat our Marvelous Oat Bran Muffins. Not only do they sneak a little something healthy into breakfast, they can be made with any fruit, nuts, chocolate or combination. Our favorite Christmas combo is maraschino cherries and dark chocolate!

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3. Stoneground, Old-Fashioned Yellow Corn Grits

GritsLindleyMillsGreat as a meal in and of themselves, or a bright side dish for any breakfast, our organic, stoneground yellow corn grits are coarsely ground. This means they contain more bran and nutrition than regular "quick grits" and it also means they will take a little longer to cook the old-fashioned way. A cup of grits can feed as many as 4-6 people with the addition of water alone. Packed with taste, butter and other toppings will just be an afterthought. 

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These 3 crowd pleasing breakfast options will make Christmas morning easy and give you time to spend with your family instead of working over the stove. In our family an easy and flexible breakfast is essential so that we can gather last minute presents and food for the rest of the day's family gatherings. Each of these options is hearty and healthy, warming you up for a day of Christmas cheer.