Super Sprout ProductSuper Sprout™ is a Sprouted Whole Grain Wheat Flour that can be substituted for any white or whole wheat flour in almost any recipe. It has higher bioavailability and nutrition, more stable sugars, and better taste than other whole wheat flours. Your body even digests it more like a vegetable than a grain because of Lindley Mills’ proprietary process making it a great option for those with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Read more to see how Super Sprout™ can help you achieve your health goals!


1) Eat More Whole Grains

Super Sprout™ is 100% whole grain wheat flour. One of the benefits to using Super Sprout™ is that you can use it in almost any recipe and substitute it for white flour. It works great in waffles or pancakes, pizza, cookies, and bread.

Super Sprout™ also has higher bioavailability than other whole wheat flours. By substituting Super Sprout™ you can take advantage of more of the nutrients in the flour that your body normally can’t process because of the presence of phytic acid. The proprietary process that we use to make Super Sprout™ greatly reduces phytic acid so your body can absorb more of the nutrients.

2) Reduce Sugar Intake

Reduce Sugar

Super Sprout™ has a naturally sweet taste and won’t be bitter like regular whole wheat flour can be. The Super Sprout™ process alters the sugars naturally present in the wheat so that they really stand out when the flour is baked. You can use less sugar in your recipes and still get a great taste without compromising on the nutrition of whole grains.

Many customers have found that Super Sprout™ doesn’t spike their blood sugar like other flours which suggests it might be a great option for diabetics. It also includes the nutrients we all need for good health.


3) Drink (or Eat) More Water


We all know that drinking water is great for our health, but what about eating more water? Not only is it good for our health, but it’s great for our wallets. Lindley Mills Super Sprout™ is uniquely ground to a very fine powder, allowing it to better absorb water. The proprietary sprouting process also allows the flour to take in more water than other flours during baking. As a result, the bread stays fresh longer and doesn’t dry out easily. Making more bread with less flour is great for professional and home bakers alike who are looking to get the most nutrition and taste out of their dollar.

4) Eat Less Gluten

Super Sprout™, like all wheat flours, absolutely contains gluten and should not be eaten by anyone with Celiac Disease. However, for those with gluten sensitivities Super Sprout™ flour can allow them to eat whole grain wheat products again. The Super Sprout™ processing alters the gluten so that your body sees it more like a vegetable than a grain which promotes easier digestion. To hear directly from a customer who has gluten sensitivity and can eat Super Sprout™ products, read here.

To learn more about Super Sprout™ and the difference it can make in your diet, check out our FAQ and here from Master Baker, Peter Reinhart about his experiences with Super Sprout™. Although you can use Super Sprout™ in almost any of your regular recipes, we have posted some of our favorites to get you off to a great start here.

Check out our videos making Super Sprout™ recipes below to see how easy it is to get started!