If you are looking for yeast-our local markets have had some, but that's not the case everywhere. You can always make a sourdough starter and grow your own wild yeast to power your bread. Some great resources for information on that include: 

  • www.theperfectloaf.com
  • Sarah Owens' Sourdough
  • Peter Reinhart's Bread Revolution
  • Jeffrey Hammelman's Bread

(All should be available on amazon or at your favorite book seller-they are all classic's and a great addition to any baker's library!)

Have active dry yeast but need instant? Use 1.25 times the active yeast that your recipe calls for in instant yeast.

If you'd like to get the sourdough process going a little faster, you can feed your starter with a little bit of our Super Sprout™ Wheat or Super Sprout™ Rye flour. Either option, hydrated fully, will jump start your starter and get it going a little faster than usual.

Happy Baking!