Baking with a sourdough starter? Read our 5 favorite tips to get one started and keep it going with the least amount of work! We've also included some awesome baking resources from some of our favorite bakers!

Many customers find our Super Sprout™ Sprouted Wheat Flour, fall in love with the nutritional benefits and added flavor it offers, and want to give it a try in all their recipes! It is a flour all its own and it can be a bit different to work with but with a little practice a baker can really push the envelope with Super Sprout™ to realize its full potential of flavor and nutrition. In this blog we will share a few tips and tricks to make transitioning to baking with Super Sprout™ Wheat Flour a seamless process.


Are you a home baker that has recently started buying flour in bulk, or a bakery owner looking for ways to preserve the life of your flour? This blog is for you! Many customers have asked how best to preserve their organic flour and we’re here to answer with our best practices. 

As many of us are cooped up in our homes baking for our families, neighbors, and communities, we wanted to share some recipes and resources you can check out to assist on your baking journey.

For some of our favorite recipes look here.

We’ve been talking a lot about einkorn lately and wanted to show you a little of what it can do! After a false start with too little flour (who’s complaining about having to eat extra cookies?) we whipped up a couple of batches of our favorite cookie recipe (found at the end of this post) and brought the results in to the Mill for taste testing. Our team is always willing to try something new that we’ve come up with and this was no exception…read more to hear what they thought about which cookie won and to get the recipe that is sure to be a hit no matter which flour you use!


This week on the blog, we have a guest post by our Senior Lab Technician (and new baker!) about her experience baking for the first time with a recipe using baker’s percentages. Do you have questions about how baker’s formulas work? Look no further!



Is your dough proofing faster than the recipe suggests or taking much longer? Do you have trouble getting your bread to rise? We've all been there, but these issues can be avoided by instituting a few quick tricks!