WeaverPretzelsWe are lucky to have so many local bakers using our flour and we take the opportunity to taste what they make as often as we can. We've worked with Weaver Street Market since the beginning of their Co-Op and we are proud to continue working with them today as they develop new, innovative products. We previewed these Super Sprout™ Sprouted Pretzels earlier in the year, but are glad to see them become a regular staple. Last week we ordered some for our whole team to try. The feedback was awesome and all the pretzels got gone quickly.

As a food producer we are always reminding our employees of the impact they are making and how they are contributing to what's being baked locally. We love to support our bakers and expose our employees to new products by bringing in things to taste and try out. These individual pretzels were a hit! Plenty to fill you up on a cold morning and keep you going all day, they had the incredible smooth taste we love with Super Sprout™ and they are good for you too! 

There's nothing like eating what you had a hand in making. Thanks to the awesome team at Weaver Street Market for the special order and the great baking!