CarolineandJonWe greatly enjoyed attending the Weaver Street Co-Op Fair this weekend! We were able to meet many of the Weaver Street co-op owners and talked with some of the other local vendors. We were SO excited to see all of the pan breads and pretzels made with our 100% Organic Super Sprout™ flour. Our thanks to Jon and Stephan and their team in the bakery at Weaver Street for all their hard work testing and baking to bring these great products to the Co-op! 




Partners Since the Beginning

Lindley Mills has worked with Weaver Street Market since the very beginning (30 years!) to provide them with high quality 100% Certified Organic flours for their bakery. Several of the bakers who have worked there and who have gone on to open their own local bakeries are also still using our flours. We are excited to continue this longstanding relationship and get more sprouted whole grain flours into our local markets.


IMG 0270

 Sprouted Breads and Pretzels Coming Soon to Weaver Street!

Jon, Stephan, and their team have done a great job creating these Weaver Street Sprouted Pretzels and testing all of their loaf pan breads with our sprouted flour. Making bread and pretzels from Super Sprout™ allows a reduction in added sugar creating a cleaner label that's better for you. The increased nutrition and bioavailability with Super Sprout™ is another great benefit, in addition to a pleasant sweet, wheaty taste. These Super Sprout™ products are easier to digest, especially for those who are non-Celiac gluten sensitive and diabetic. The loaves will naturally stay fresh longer too!


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We got great feedback from everyone who tried the pretzels and bread and most people we saw again for seconds! We had happy customers of all ages who enjoyed their pretzel bites paired with the goat cheese from Celebrity Dairy, sausage from First Hand Foods, beer from Carolina Brewery, strawberries from Eastern Carolina Organics, and much much more!

Keep an eye out for these soft Sprouted Pretzels/Pretzel Bites and Super Sprout™ pan breads in your local Weaver Street soon! They are SO good and we can't wait to be able to get them each week!