Want to make an easy loaf with Super Sprout™ Rye in an afternoon? You need only 5 ingredients and a little time and you can have a loaf ready by dinner! Start with Lindley Mills 100% Organic Super Sprout™ Wheat and Super Sprout™ Rye flours, both available online and in bulk 25# bags at the Mill. These Super Sprout™ Flours have a naturally improved taste, requiring less added sugars in your recipes and bringing out the flavors in the grain. They are more easily digestible and are better for our non-Celiac gluten sensitive and diabetic friends to consume. Try out this recipe adapted from Chef Peter Reinhart's original Super Sprout™ recipe today!

IMG 1348


Just substitute Super Sprout™ Rye for 20-30% of the Super Sprout™ Wheat flour in the recipe below, bake, and enjoy!



Loaf pictured at the top was baked by the excellent bakers at Chicken Bridge Bakery and was made with Super Sprout™ Rye, North Carolina Bread Flour, and our Multigrain 7 Blend. It was such a tasty loaf that we devoured it without any toppings in just a day or two! For more info on getting your hands on our Super Sprout™ Rye check out our product pages or shoot us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for bulk purchases.