“The oat bran muffins not only contain heart healthy benefits, but also can be created into a variety of flavors.  The aroma will cause your family to run to the breakfast table. ” Julia

“I mix coconut and white chocolate into my oat bran muffin mix.  The boat shop guys gobble them up! Also, the grand kids. ” JC

“Oat bran muffins are high quality, tasty muffins with so many options. You can do so many things with these muffins, but my favorite is to add chocolate chips and orange zest to mine. You only have to add water or your favorite fruit juice...no eggs, milk or oil. So easy and so good!” Mary Bec

“I love the muffin mix! I know exactly where it’s coming from, so I know it’s not full of chemicals and preservatives like box mixes at the store. The muffins are so easy to make and they taste great! I love to add some orange juice for a fruity flavor or chocolate chips when I want a sweet. They are also great plain with a little butter.” Anna

“Quite possibly, the best 100% whole wheat bread I’d ever had. No Sugar or honey, no oil, no pre-ferment, and no long, extended fermentation-just flour, water, salt, and yeast. Suddenly, the artisan playbook no longer applied.” Peter Reinhart, Instructor, Author, Baker and Chef

“Sprouted wheat flour - The best thing since sliced bread.” Rose Levy Beranbaum, Author

“I have to say we're excited about the quality and consistency of Super Sprout™.  The Super Sprout™ flour resulted in very clean tasting pastry; very fresh, no off-notes or evidence of oxidation.  The fact that we can now also say our product contains 100% whole wheat flour is a distinct bonus.” Shane Walker, Dept. of Food Science

“The dough goes through an amazing transformation from bowl to oven.  It is like pudding when it comes out of the bowl, but gets very fluffy and bouncy by the time it is ready to be loaded. Amazing!” Richard Miscovich, Instructor