100% Organic Super Sprout™ Sprouted Whole Grain EINKORN Flour

100% Organic Super Sprout™ Sprouted Whole Grain EINKORN Flour

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Brand : Lindley Mills

Size: 2lb. bag

Certified organic 100% whole einkorn. Sprouted and whole-milled (whole grain) from non-GMO, harvested American Einkorn.

Enjoy nutritional benefits, a true "wheaty" flavor, and the potential for greater ease in digestion, as compared to modern wheat. Check our blog for more info on the benefits of lower gluten content and easier digestibility in Super Sprout™ Sprouted Einkorn flour.

Since Super Sprout™ Sprouted flours absorb more water than other flours, you may need to add 5-10% more liquid to your recipe and allow your dough to rest for about 5-10 minutes after mixing to let the dough absorb the water. For further baking tips, check out out our blog post on baking with Super Sprout™ Einkorn flour and recipes here.

This product is processed in a facility that also processes wheat. For best results, store in a cool, dry place.

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Is Super Sprout™ sprouted whole grain einkorn flour just "whole einkorn flour"? How can the consumer/baker tell the difference?

You cannot mistake Super Sprout™ sprouted whole grain einkorn flour for regular whole einkorn flour. Super Sprout™ Einkorn has:

-A different look – a uniform creamy tan color

-A different feel — very soft and silky fine with fewer visible individual bran particles

-A different taste — warm, nutty taste

-Better nutrition — micro-nutrients are enhanced and more bioavailable due to the sprouting process

-Better digestions — products ingest and digest easily due to the sprouting process and super fine grind

-Different performance — performs best at higher hydrations of 65-75% and has already accomplished the desired goals of a prefermentation step

-Different baked product – darker golden crust due to an increase in carmelized sugars

-Different shelf life – products are softer and stay fresh longer, naturally

How do I substitute Super Sprout™ Einkorn with other flour?

Use Super Sprout™ Einkorn in all your einkorn recipes as a substitute for whole einkorn flour. Simply substitute with a 1:1 ratio and add approximately 10% more water than your recipe calls for, adjusting based on what type of dough you are making. If you don't have a favorite recipe, you can add it in as 20-50% of your favorite whole grain recipe and reduce mixing time. Einkorn protein is different from modern wheat and can't stand up to a lot of extra mixing unless you are blending it with a high protein whole wheat or white flour. Try incorporating it in small amounts and gradually increase the ratio of Super Sprout™ Einkorn to get the best feel for how it works with your bread. More recipes available here.