“This is by far my favorite muffin mix. Super easy to make and simple to customize with juice, fruit, or chocolate chips. I'll definitely order more in the future.” Rachel

“Nutritious and delicious! ” Lynn

“I cook the grits and add butter and salt. It's like eating a giant bowl of corn. They really taste good. ” Scott

“I cook the grits and add butter and sugar the way my grandfather used to do. I love them. They really have a lot of flavor. ” Mike

“I make a large serving at the beginning of every week and reheat a portion every day for breakfast. What could be easier than that? ” Steve

“These grits are awesome! I love that they are organic and coarsely-ground. They can be used as a good substitute for polenta too! I made these in a breakfast casserole with sausage, and it turned out delicious. ” Jen

“These grits make a great breakfast and have a wonderful taste! I love them!” Caroline

“Order was very quick to arrive. Sprouted whole grain wheat flour has such a great flavor, and it made my bread all that much better.” Dave

“I decided to try a simple yeast dinner roll recipe, using the Super Sprout™, and it handled a little differently [than regular flour], but I was able to mix it to a consistency that allowed me to properly knead the dough. After a rise, I punched it down, and found it quite easy to form into balls for my yeast rolls. These were pan rolls, and I baked them in round aluminum cake pans. I found that they required a slightly longer baking time than I had anticipated. They browned a little on top, but weren't as brown on the bottom as I might have expected. Since my wife doesn't like bread to be very brown on the bottom, this was a plus for me. They remained soft on the bottom, but not too doughy. At dinner, we hosted my sister-in-law, who, like my wife, is a bread-lover. I explained that this was my first test using a new flour to make the yeast rolls and told them they were my taste-testers. My wife's sister bit into one and grinned. "These things are pretty good!", she quickly replied. My wife responded similarly. "I could eat this whole pan," she quipped. She showed restraint, however, (as did I!), so we were able to save some rolls for my gluten intolerant friend. The next morning, at the Bible study I teach, I presented her with a small bag of rolls...she opened the bag to sniff. She gleefully rolled her eyes back and smiled with pleasure, but hesitated when I told her they were made with sprouted wheat. She explained that whenever she eats products made with wheat, she has almost an immediate, fairly severe reaction. She made the decision to wait until she got home from church before taking a bite. That evening, I received her report: "Wow!" The bread is delicious! It smells like real bread. It is textured like real bread...it is REAL bread! It's been over a year since I've had anything close. Thank you so much for sharing. All is good with my 'processing' so far, too." Just to be sure, I checked-in with her the next day. Here's what she said, "Since I don't consume wheat at all now, unless it's by accident, my system 'lets me know' immediately. I have had no problems!" ” Jim

“This was my first experience with sprouted flour, and the baking and the eating went great! Used the master whole grain recipe from Peter Reinhardt's Bread Revolution book, using loaf pans. The bread has a sweetness and softness that I have never found in non-sprouted flours. Then I made hot dog buns with 50/50 split of the Super Sprout and regular bread flour, and these were a big hit as well. Looking forward to further adventures with Super Sprout!” David

“I bought the oat muffin mix...possibly a dozen packages and I shared them with our family and we all loved those muffins. Thanks for your blogs and the history of the area and your products.” Pat

“Tastes so good and it doesn't make you feel bloated. I even was successful using it with my breadmaker!” Isaac

“100% Organic Super Sprout™ Sprouted Whole Grain Wheat Flour is wonderful for baking both bread and pastries. In addition to the lovely flavor it lends (both nutty and earthy), it adds nutritional value. Natural nutrition and delicious baked goods - Awesome!” Joe Bowie

“I love this flour! I have used it professionally, and am so happy to have the opportunity to use it at home. It works wonderfully in both pastry and bread applications, adding flavor, texture, and most importantly nutritional value. Thanks for making it available for online ordering!” Joe Bowie

“These are the best muffins ever! They are so easy to make, and they're a perfect snack for any time of day.” Elizabeth

“ This is my favorite flour! I use it for bread, cookies, pancakes, and everything else. It is so much better for me than regular whole wheat flour and it tastes great!” Caroline

“I frequently use the Super Sprout™ chocolate chip recipe from Lindley Mills. I love eating chocolate chip cookies that are healthier for me and my family. I also make pancakes and sandwich bread with this flour. It's so versatile!” Jen

“My mother received the muffin mix for Christmas and I made up the muffins for her. They were delicious and I only used water, pecans and cranberries. Love it so much, I order so I would have on hand at all times. I am going to make some muffins for a friend and give her a 2lb bag for her to try. So glad I can order online!!! Very prompt service.” Pam

“5 star review” chris