In Carrboro:

Coronato Pizza has just opened up in Carrboro and is our go-to stop for an awesome, Roman style pizza made by Chef Teddy Diggs and his team. Using great, local ingredients with a fun atmosphere we are really excited to have them so close!

In Siler City:

Whiskey Barrel Cafe is whipping up breakfast and brunch with Lindley Mills Grits and they do a great job! Located on Raleigh Street in Siler City, they have sandwiches, waffles, and so much more!

In Winston-Salem:

Bobby Boy Bakeshop has just opened it's doors to Winston-Salem, using Lindley Mills' freshly milled-to-order flours to create their breads, pastries and more! Check them out for a taste of heaven in the Buena Vista neighborhood on Reynolda road.

In Raleigh:

We couldn't be more excited to see our friends at Weaver Street Market open up their Raleigh location in the last couple of weeks. We know that they are going to be a huge success and can't wait to see even more more great bread (and other baked goodies!) available at the Co-op in Raleigh.

Union Special Bread, located at Gateway Plaza Raleigh is a new restaurant started by Andrew Ullom and his team. They've got a killer brunch menu and also bake breads made with 100% Lindley Mills Flour! Read more about our visit with them here.

Poole'side Pies, another of Ashley Christensen's winners, has just opened up serving their incredible pizzas to downtown Raleigh. We've worked with AC Restaurants for a long time, first when Andrew Ullom (of Union Special Bread above) was their head baker, and now with Frank and his team, who hit it out of the park with great buns, breads, pizzas, and pastry in all of the AC Restaurants. Ashley Christensen was named James Beard Outstanding Chef of the year this year as well! She's really on a roll!

In Charlotte:

Our friends and incredible bakers at Eight and Sand Kitchen in Charlotte have just opened their fast casual restaurant that also doubles as a bakery. They do incredible salads and sandwiches, but make their own bread as well and sell loaves and pastries too. Check out their gorgeous space and grab a special pastry or sandwich.

In Asheville:

Futo Buta Ramen is opening up a new spot in Asheville, bringing their beloved ramen creations to downtown. If you've ever tried them in Charlotte, you know what we are talking about! Their noodles are made with Lindley Mills' Flour and we are so excited to see them pop up in Asheville!

Hominy Farm is a duo making vegan breads, spreads, and other things in the Asheville area. With experience baking with Lindley Mills Flours at OWL (Old World Levain) Bakery, we are exited to see what Eli does with his own bakery. Follow them on instagram to find out what they are up to and where to find them!

In Wilmington:

Wilmington Bread Company is a one man show, cranking out great breads for wholesale and markets. Check them out on instagram to find out where to find them!

Bonus! If you are in Atlanta, stop by Evergreen Butcher and Baker in Kirkwood for incredible pastries, breads, and more! They've just opened up their new space and we can't wait to visit!