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 Nitty Gritty Nutrition

As we work to unpack this ancient grain, the first and arguably most impressive thing that Einkorn Flour boasts are its health benefits, namely for those that struggle with digesting wheat products. Hang with us as we get a little scientific here.

Carrots or Carotenoids?veggie

Do you ever walk through the produce section at your local market and appreciate the vibrant colors of red peppers or orange carrots, among many others? Fruits and vegetables are composed of naturally occurring red and yellow pigments, also known as carotenoids, a contributing factor to their nutritional quality. Einkorn boasts high levels of the same pigment that make up these fruits and veggies. Interestingly enough, einkorn is a warm, amber color when milled, highlighting these abundant pigments and creating an exquisite, milled product. Carotenoids offer various medical benefits and are known for their antioxidant properties. Further, our Super Sprout™ process has been shown to increase antioxidants in wheat, and it is our hope that sprouting einkorn would increase the antioxidant levels even further. This mighty, heritage grain has so much to offer!

Check back with us as we continue to unpack what Whole Grain Einkorn and Super Sprout™ Einkorn have to offer, and as we share some delicious recipes!


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