Sprouted Pancakes Back to SchoolMake back to school breakfasts easy and healthy this year with Super Sprout™ Sprouted Whole Grain Wheat pancakes! These pancakes are a healthier and more flavorful option to other nutrient-lacking box mixes on the market.  In just minutes, you can whip up a batch of fluffy, naturally sweet and nutty tasting pancakes that your family will love! 


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Peach Muffins

 August is back to school time, and families everywhere are easing into their fall routines. Make a quick and nutritious breakfast with bake-ahead muffins packed with an extra punch of power from the addition of chia seeds.

Our "complete" Marvelous Oat Bran Muffin Mix is so simple to use. All you need is water and heat, and you can make something delicious and healthy to eat in just a few minutes.

There's no need to add extra ingredients like eggs, oil, etc., which is such a time-saver on busy mornings.

Super Sprout Doughnut Vortex

 Last week, our VP of Marketing, Caroline, paid a visit to Vortex Doughnuts in Asheville, NC to give a talk on wheat and to taste test Vortex's latest creation—a doughnut made with 100% Organic Super Sprout™ Sprouted Whole Grain Wheat Flour from Lindley Mills!

Caroline's presentation, "Let's Talk Wheat" was an opportunity to inform fans of Vortex Doughnuts about wheat and how it is processed into flour, the main ingredient in Vortex's gourmet creations. She covered everything from the history of wheat to the contemporary challenges facing wheat in America.

Vortex's "tasty, local, twisted" take on doughnuts means that they are made daily from scratch with quality, wholesome, local ingredients, and always with a "twist" of creative, unexpected flavor combinations.

NC Bread Flour Freshly Milled

We are proud to offer our growing base of informed and enthusiastic local customers the 2016 harvest of freshly-milled, 100% certified organic NC Bread flour, available for bulk purchase at our mill in Graham, North Carolina.

We believe it is important to support North Carolina wheat farmers, and we mill organic, North Carolina grown wheat whenever possible based on the available supply.

Super Sprout Product

Not all sprouted bread flours are created equal, so it’s important to know what to look for when selecting sprouted flour for baking. Sprouted wheat flour has enhanced nutritional content and flavor, making it a healthy and delicious option for baking bread. At Lindley Mills, we use a proprietary process developed by our miller, Joe Lindley, to produce our own sprouted wheat flour for baking that reaches the highest level of quality—both nutritionally and in taste tests.  

Seeds of Wheat Over the centuries, the seeds of wheat have become the seeds of civilization. Today, the seeds of the wheat grass continue to provide more nourishment for the people of the world than any other food, and millers and scientists have continued to discover more of wheat’s remarkable attributes.

Wheat is a renewable, reliable source of food that has greatly contributed to the development of human society. The origin of the wheat plant is unknown, but as early as ten to fifteen thousand years B.C., humans were using wheat as food.


Super Sprout Flour for Gluten IntoleranceJim Bolling from CHUBB Agribusiness recently paid a visit to Lindley Mills for a business meeting with President, Joe, Lindley. Jim is also an avid home-baker, and enjoys chatting with Joe about baking and milling. During his visit, Joe Lindley gave Jim a bag of Lindley Mills Super Sprout™ sprouted whole grain wheat flour to try out at home. Here is Jim's (and his gluten-intolerant friend's) testimonial about Super Sprout™:

At a recent business meeting with Joe Lindley, President of Lindley Mills in Graham, NC, I shared that I sometimes bake bread for friends to encourage them during difficult times, or for special occassions. I told Joe about a certain friend who had been unable to eat the bread I gave her, because of her unfavorable reactions to any gluten products. I asked him what grains he mills into flour that might be used to make bread she could eat. I was expecting him to tell me about something made with spelt or another grain with which I was unfamiliar, but was surprised to hear his enthusiastic reply about an actual wheat product. He explained that he had received glowing reports about his Super Sprout™ sprouted whole grain wheat flour, with the news that folks who can't handle gluten have eaten bread made with the flour with no repercussions.